Bursary Application Letter Tips

By | January 13, 2018
The letter of application is short but very important as it is the first impression that a prospective employer/bursary officer will have of the learner. If the letter is untidy, ungrammatical and sloppily put together, it will count against her immediately. The employer/bursary officer will wonder how much care the
applicant would take over her work if she can’t even spend any effort on a short simple letter.The letter should state the following briefly:1. What job/bursary the learner wishes to apply for
2. A request for relevant forms (bursary letter only, unless stated in job advertisement)
3. Where the job was advertised (only for job applications)
4. What the learner is doing this year (job application only)
5. What qualifications she has/will obtain this year (job application only)
6. A brief mention of any experience (details will be in the CV) (only job applications)
7. Contact details (address only in bursary letter)
8. A list of any attached documents e.g. certificates, CV (job application only).

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