Netcare Bursaries

By | December 26, 2017

Netcare Bursaries 2018

Netcare  bursaries committee for 2018 is a sub-committee of the Academic Advisory committee of the Netcare Group and is responsible for supporting, encouraging and facilitating all bursary activities. The role of the Bursary Committee is to support, encourage and facilitate bursary activities at Netcare.

Netcare Bursary Goals

To foster an environment that encourages bursary applications from prospective tertiary learners.

To create a support structure to facilitate bursaries application and payment processes.

To promote continued staff development by creating opportunities for lifelong learning.

To promote advice to staff and prospective external applicants regarding application and processes regarding bursary funding.

Bursaries Available

Bursaries are offered in the following categories:


Commerce Details

Application Process

If you are keen to apply for Netcare bursaries please visit the website to read more about requirement. The closing date for application is also published on the company’s website.

Other bursaries

Impala Platinum bursary