Sita Internships Programme

By | March 18, 2016

Sita Internships Programme

SITA is a state agency that was established in 1999 to consolidate and coordinate the State’s information technology resources in order to achieve cost savings through scale, increase delivery capabilities and enhance interoperability. SITA is committed to leveraging Information Technology (IT) as a strategic resource for government, managing the IT procurement and delivery process to ensure that the Government gets value for money, and using IT to support the delivery of e-Government services to all citizens. In short, SITA is the IT business for the largest employer and consumer of IT products and services in South Africa.

Sita Internships Programme

Unlike Eskom bursaries, this is a programme that is aimed at giving relevant skills and work experience to unemployed graduates and tertiary students who require in-service training/experiential learning as part of the academic requirement, thus enhancing their chances of getting permanent employment. The programme aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing interns with an opportunity to practically apply knowledge acquired on the job.

Interns Placement Opportunities

Interns are placed in areas that are relevant to their field of study and work under supervision of a workplace mentor & coach for the full duration of the programme.

Who Must Apply for Sita Internships

South African unemployed graduates between ages 18-35.

Preference will be given to IT graduates.

How To Apply For Sita Internships

Apply online here.