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By | January 16, 2013

IDC Bursaries Information

Idc bursaries are available to students who want to pursues studies in fields identified for financial assistance. Fields of study in which bursaries are awarded have to be directly related to industry, and will only include the following:

  • Engineering:
    BSc Industrial, Chemical, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Mining,
    Metallurgy, Civil, Analytical Chemistry and Geology. (Technikon level
    leading to B. Tech).
  • Applied Commercial Sciences:
    Bcom (Accountancy CA), Bcom Financial Mathematics, Information Systems,
    Information Technology and Computer Science, Investment Management,
    Agriculture, Environmental Science and Logistics.

Bursary Value

The value of a bursary for full-time undergraduate/ diploma studies comprises the following:
Boarding – In the case of bursars residing with their parents/guardians, a stipend is granted.
In the case of students residing in official University/ Technikon residences, full
residence fees are paid to the relevant institution (Catering/Self catering residences).
Tuition and registration fees – A stipend for books and stationery is granted bi-annually.
NB. The Idc bursary may also be awarded for the purpose of acquiring a compulsory postgraduate qualification in order to obtain a prescribed professional status (i.e. Chartered Accountant or B Tech or Hons).

IDC Bursaries Eligibility

South African citizens residing in the Republic of South Africa and who
qualify for admission to a University or Technikon, or who have already
passed one or more years at a University or Technikon and are not
studying with the aid of an employer or bursary. Technikon or University
students who have already successfully completed one or more years will
be considered on their Grade 12 and most recent academic results. Students are reminded to apply for Idc bursaries before the closing date for bursary application.

Bursary Application Closing Date

Please see bursary information pack here

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