FNB Bursaries for 2018

By | September 11, 2013

The aim of Fnb bursaries is to give tertiary education access to financially disadvantaged, yet academically strong students. FNB has partnered with established bursary service providers to administer the bursary programme. The selected bursary service providers not only offer access to finance, but also support services to funded students. Candidates must contact the bursary service providers for more information on their application process.

The Fnb bursaries Fund has partnered with reputable bursary service providers to offer access to education, as well as providing extensive mentorship and support to the students.The bursary programme focuses on the provision of funds for students studying commerce and science degrees.

There is no work-back or pay-back condition on the bursaries; these funds are a pure investment by FNB towards developing future leaders.

Note: Students need to contact the bursary service providers directly for more information on how to apply.

Fnb Bursaries Service Providers

African Scholars FundFurther Education and Training Colleges

15 September 2017

021 689-9094

Career Wise

Commerce, Science and Engineering

30 May 2013

011 484-7505

Rural Education Access ProgrammeCommerce, Science and Engineering

30 June 2013

021 696-5500

SAICA Thuthuka Bursary FundAccounting Only

30 June 2013

08610 72422

South African Actuary Development ProgrammeActuarial Science Only

31 August 2013

011 642-2202

Study TrustCommerce, Science and Engineering

31 August 2013

011 726-5604

Tertiary School in Business AdministrationBachelor of Business Administration

30 September 2013

021 532-2750

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