Element Six Bursaries 2018

By | July 31, 2017

Element Six Bursaries 2018

Element Six bursaries are offered by Element Six which  is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial diamond supermaterials used for mining, drilling, precision cutting, machining and polishing across various sectors such as Oil & Gas, mining, manufacturing, and machining and road construction. Element Six is a subsidiary of De Beers.

Element Six’s South African Operation in Springs (Gauteng) invites interested students to apply for bursaries in 2017 for the disciplines that are within the activities of E6.

Element Six Bursary Recipients

These bursaries are for students studying on a full-time basis, in the following disciplines/ area of study:

Bursaries Available

• B.Eng. / B.Sc.Mechanical
• B.Eng. / B.Sc.Electrical
• B.Eng. / B.Sc.Electronic
• B.Eng. / B.Sc.Industrial
• B.Eng. / B.Sc.Metallurgical
• B.Eng. / B.Sc.Chemical
• B.Sc.Physics
• B.Com.Finance

Element Six Bursary Application Requirements

• Comprehensive CV

• Academic record

• Acceptance letter / proof of registration (where applicable)

No application will be considered without these documents attached

You can visit our website for full company details

Bursary Closing Date

31 August 2017

How To Apply?

Visit Element Six website and search for bursaries on the field provided.

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