Bursaries Closing In March 2018

By | February 6, 2018

Bursaries Closing In March 2018

Bursaries closing in March 2018 Below is the list of South Africa opportunities. If you are a student and are looking for financial assistance, you can consider this opportunity.

When you submit your application just make sure that you have read all requirements and you have them ready. There may be cases where you are required to submit some documentation to support your application. Always make sure that you prepare certified copies to avoid submitting original copies.

Bursary closing in March 2018

Tiber Construction Bursary (March 2018)
SASCP Bursary (March 2018)
Imam Abdullah Haron Education Trust (IAHET) Bursary (March 2018)
SAMRO Bursary (March 2018)
Impala Platinum/ Implats Bursary (March 2018)
African Scholars Fund Bursary (March 2018)