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Applicants, therefore, have sufficient time to obtain a copy of their June/July 2013 examination results, which must be returned with the application form (see 2below.

Send the form together with the required documents to:

or apply online at

Applications will be accepted from South African citizens only who are studying full-time at a recognised Institution of Higher Learning, University or University of Technology and who meet the Qualifying Needs. Applications will only be considered from previously disadvantaged individuals as defined in the BBBEE codes

1. Bursary Benefits Based On Qualifying Needs

A bursary benefit is available for 2014 to a limited number of candidates who are South African citizens who have opted to study for BET selected qualifications (see 3 below) and the bursary is awarded against certain conditions (see 5 below). Preference will be given to students who show academic and leadership potential and who have limited financial means. No other bursary grants may run concurrently with a BET bursary. Only previously disadvantaged individuals as defined in the BBBEE codes will be considered.

2. Bursary Application Forms Instructions

The BET can only consider your application if you have taken care to complete it in full and if the
items listed in the checklist below have been included:
  • A copy of your June/July 2013 exam results or an appropriate progress report if no examination was written.
  • If you did not study this year, send a copy of your latest exam results together with an explanation of what you were doing this year. The exam results play a determining role in the selection process.
  • Although OBE symbols are acceptable, it is recommended that the actual percentages obtained per subject in school reports be submitted, if available.
  • Tertiary students have to request an academic record and include it herewith.
  • All applicants who have already completed Matric must include their Matric results together with their latest tertiary (June/July 2013) results if already studying at a tertiary institution. NB!
  • This is compulsory for all tertiary students.
  • A letter of recommendation from the parent/guardian.
  • A testimonial from a responsible educational official (e.g. your principal or lecturer). Use the testimonial form provided (section 5) or attach suitable testimonial.
  • Write an essay on your life on the included form (section 6). Use additional pages if necessary. This essay must be written by you personally.
  • Attach a copy of your South African ID to the application form.

3. Barlowrold Selected Study Courses

The following areas of tertiary study (Qualifying Needs) will be supported by the BET:
o Industrial
o Mechanical
o Mining
Supply Chain (Logistics)
Information Technology – BSc Computer Sciences
Sales & Marketing

Full-time students

At Institutions of Higher Learning and/or University of Technology and University students with a pass symbol in all their subjects, and who follow BET selected study programmes (Qualifying Needs), are eligible to apply for bursaries. Please remember to apply timeously for admission in 2014 to the educational institution of your choice. It is your responsibility to apply for entrance to the institutions of your choice. We recommend that you apply to at least two.

4. Bursary Amount For 2014

BET bursaries will cover: 
  • Cost of course (including tuition, prescribed books, registration, exam fees). The BET bursary grant should be the bursar’s exclusive source of tuition funding.
  • Under special circumstances, accommodation (at Trustees discretion) and only in the event of the relevant course not being offered in reasonable proximity to the beneficiary’s principle place of residence.
    Payment: As far as possible, all payments will be made directly to the relevant institutions.
  • Where possible, the BET shall ensure that funds are allocated in a manner that ensures beneficiaries are able to complete their study courses.
  • Existing beneficiaries shall be given preference during the annual allocation process, provided they have met the required standard.

NB. STUDY PROGRAMMES: Please take care to specify as clearly as possible the exact programme of study for which you are applying for a bursary, the type and name of the educational institution where you plan to study and the year of study, as well as full details of the estimated cost of the programme, when completing the application form.

5. Bursary Conditions


All allocations will be reviewed and a decision on every allocation to beneficiaries, including previous recipients, shall be made annually.

  • To successfully complete his/her study course within the required period.
  •  If required by Barloworld, a beneficiary on completion of his/her studies shall be required to work in a Barloworld operation for a minimum period as specified by the BET Trustees.
  • In the event that a beneficiary who has completed his/her study course leaves the employ of Barloworld prior to completing the required years of service, all amounts paid by the BET towards the beneficiary’s course shall immediately become due and payable by the beneficiary to the BET. The amount due shall be pro-rata in accordance with the time worked at Barloworld.
  • In the event that a beneficiary fails a subject, he/she shall be required to repeat the subject at his/her own cost.
  • In the event that a beneficiary fails a year of study, he/she may repeat the year at his/her own cost and re-apply for assistance from the BET thereafter. In such an event, the beneficiary shall be treated as a new applicant.
  • In the event that a beneficiary withdraws from his/her course of study, or fails to register for the subsequent year of study, all amounts paid by the BET towards the beneficiary’s course shall immediately become due and payable by the beneficiary to the BET.
  • Barloworld Operating Companies
  • Each bursar will be allocated to a division of Barloworld which shall liaise with and monitor his/her progress.
  • The division to which the bursar has been allocated shall provide workplace guidance and support to the bursar.
  • The division to which the bursar has been allocated shall decide how and where, or whether or not, the beneficiary is required to be employed on completion of his/her course of study.


Applicants may expect a written reply by no later than the 31st October 2013.
The decisions of the BET are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
The Trustees
Barloworld Education Trust
P O Box 782248
Sandton 2146
Telephone: (011) 445 1155

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