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Sita Internships Programme

Sita Internships Programme

SITA is a state agency that was established in 1999 to consolidate and coordinate the State’s information technology resources in order to achieve cost savings through scale, increase delivery capabilities and enhance interoperability. SITA is committed to leveraging Information Technology (IT) as a strategic resource for government, managing the IT procurement and delivery process to ensure that the Government gets value for money, and using IT to support the delivery of e-Government services to all citizens. In short, SITA is the IT business for the largest employer and consumer of IT products and services in South Africa.

Sita Internships Programme

Unlike Eskom bursaries, this is a programme that is aimed at giving relevant skills and work experience to unemployed graduates and tertiary students who require in-service training/experiential learning as part of the academic requirement, thus enhancing their chances of getting permanent employment. The programme aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing interns with an opportunity to practically apply knowledge acquired on the job.

Interns Placement Opportunities

Interns are placed in areas that are relevant to their field of study and work under supervision of a workplace mentor & coach for the full duration of the programme.

Who Must Apply for Sita Internships

South African unemployed graduates between ages 18-35.

Preference will be given to IT graduates.

How To Apply For Sita Internships

Apply online here.

IFA Bursary

IFA Bursary Programme 2016 – 2017

IFA bursary opportunities are offered as part of a commitment to give academically deserving learners the opportunity to lead a successful career in their chosen profession. IFA is proud to have invested over R8 million since 2009 in the IFA Bursary Scheme and given over 80 learners the opportunity to study at in institutions of higher learning in SA.

IFA has made 10 bursaries available to applicants to meet all requirements of the bursary.

IFA Bursary Application Requirements

The child of an active IFA whether biological or under legal guardianship
Under the age of 21 at 30 April 2016
A South African citizen
Have a minimum matric aggregate of 60%
Apply by 30 April 2016 and be a shining light for a better tomorrow!

1. This bursary is open to students eligible for first or second year studies in 2017.
2. The bursary is open to any individual who is under the age of 21 on 30 April 2016 and is the biological child or under the
legal guardianship of an IFA who has paid the IFA Business Fee for at least one year (prior to 30 April 2016). Proof of
the legal guardianship, if applicable, will be required.
3. The applicant must have achieved a minimum aggregate of 60% in Grade 11 and Grade 12 final examinations or achieve,
where applicable, a pass mark in first year university studies in order to be considered for a bursary.
4. An IFA Bursary will not be awarded to a candidate who is already the recipient of a bursary from another organisation.
5. Successful applicants will be granted bursaries for full-time study for the full duration of their first undergraduate
qualification, subject to ongoing successful academic results and passing each year of study.
6. All approved bursaries are subject to proof of acceptance by an approved university or reputable tertiary institution.
7. All applicants must be South African citizens and the tertiary institution at which they will conduct their studies must be
registered with the South African Department of Education. The chosen institution’s qualifications must be accredited by
the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and must be located within South African borders.
8. Bursaries will only be awarded for the 2017 academic year.
9. Bursary recipients will receive a bursary to the maximum value of R60,000 per annum for registration fees, tuition fees,
examination fees, textbooks and thereafter accommodation costs.
10. All fees, accommodation and book invoices must be submitted to the CSI Officer by no later than 31 March 2017. Failure
to do so could result in the cancellation of the bursary contract.
11. Costs exceeding R60,000 annually will be for the bursary recipient’s own account.
12. The above fees will be paid directly to the relevant institution. No other costs will be applicable for payment. No payment
will be made directly to bursary recipients. All invoices must be addressed to Clientèle Life.
13. All accommodation deposits paid to the lessee on behalf of the bursary recipient by the company will be deducted from the final study year allowance if not recovered and refunded to the company by the bursary recipient on an annual basis.
14. Each successful applicant will be responsible for submitting his/her university and other invoices to the CSI officer for payment by 31 March 2017. These invoices will only be paid if they reflect complete information on an official letterhead
(i.e. date, invoice number, address, VAT number, student number, etc.).
15. No payments will be made in respect of studies already completed.
16. Only one bursary per family will be considered.
17. The applicant is required to complete their studies in the prescribed number of years as determined by the university at
which they have enrolled.
18. The successful applicant will be required to achieve a pass mark for each year of study, failing which; the bursary contract
may be cancelled. The student is required to provide the CSI officer with final examination results of all applicable examinations at both half-year and year-end, for all years of study, failing which, the bursary agreement may be cancelled. Annual results must be submitted by the end of the first week of January each year.
19. Should the student fail any subject during the year, the exam re-write fee (if applicable) for the relevant subject will be for the student’s own account.
20. Should a student fail more than two subjects in a year (reviewed at year-end) the bursary agreement will immediately become null and void.
21. Should a student be absent from any examination during the year without prior written approval from the IFA Bursary Committee, the bursary agreement will immediately become null and void. This will only be approved under exceptional circumstances.
22. Changes to the course or degree for which the bursary was granted must be discussed with and approved by the IFA Bursary Committee before any changes may be made. Notification of the intended course changes must be done in writing and will be subject to written approval from the IFA Bursary Committee.
23. IFA reserves the right to withdraw the bursary offer should a successful applicant fail to adhere to the rules of the bursary contract.
24. The IFA parent/guardian of the successful IFA bursary recipient must remain an active IFA for the duration of their studies.
25. The IFA Bursary Committee will be responsible for all decisions. The committee’s decision is final and no correspondence
will be entered into.

IFA Bursary Application Process

For enquiries on the bursary offer, kindly contact Ms Emily Molakeng: Clientèle Limited CSI Officer on 011 320 3064 from 08h00 – 12h00 Mondays to Fridays.

Auditor General Bursaries

Auditor General Bursaries for 2017 – 2018

Auditor General bursaries are renewed on yearly basis after the submission of satisfactory results. The office of the Auditor General of South Africa offers bursaries on annual basis to students who are deserving but are financially challenged.

Auditor General Bursaries Requirements

Applicants must be studying or intending to study towards a qualification as a Chartered Accountant (i.e. BCom Accounting CA stream, Bachelor of Accounting CA stream and BCompt) at a University accredited by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).
Bursary holders are required to serve articles / enter into a training contract with the organisation on completion of their studies as per the bursary contract.
Bursaries are awarded to South African citizens only.

Bursary Application Requirements

Proficient in English with strong communication skills
Have good interpersonal skills
Have a drive, determination and commitment to succeed
Have strong leadership potential

Grade 12 Application Requirements

Must obtain matric exemption and university acceptance
Must obtain at least 60% for English
Must obtain at least 60% for Mathematics (not Maths literacy)
Please attach the following documents in your application: Copy of ID, Grade 11 year end results, University acceptance letter and Grade 12 mid year results

University Students Application Requirements

1st year students:
Obtain over 60% for Financial Accounting
Please attach copy of ID, 1st year mid year results and Grade 12 final results
2nd year students:
Obtain over 60% for Financial Accounting
Obtain over 60% for Managerial Accounting
Please attach copy of ID and full academic record with latest results
3rd and Final year students:
Obtain over 60% for Financial Accounting
Obtain over 60% for Managerial Accounting
Obtain over 60% for Taxation
Obtain over 60% for Auditing
Must obtain over 60% pass in all subjects.
Please attach copy of ID, academic record with latest results and acceptance letter into the CTA programme

How To Apply for Auditor General Bursaries

Auditor General bursaries application require that you please visit the Auditor Generals website and submit your application.

Investec Bursary Opportunities

Investec Bursary Opportunities

Investec bursary opportunities are offered in partnership with Study Trust, awards young South Africans, with academic potential and in financial need, the opportunity to study towards financial sector related degrees at various local universities.

Investec Bursary Preferred Candidates

All young SA citizens with academic potential who are in need of financial assistance
Pupils holding or working towards a matric exemption with a minimum of 70% in English and Mathematics (not Maths Literacy) and a 60% pass rate in all other subjects.
We offer partial bursaries to candidates planning to study towards the following undergraduate university degrees:

Investec Bursary Available

Commerce (Economics, Business Economics, Accounting, Investments and Finance)
BCom Informatics
BSc Computer Science
BSc Information Technology
BIT-Bachelors of Information Technology
BIS-Bachelor of Information Science
Business Science
Science and Mathematics
Commercial LLB.
Successful candidates

Investec contributes a partial bursary of R80 000 per year towards study-related expenses. To cover any shortfall, applicants are advised to apply for additional funding through the Financial Aid Office of their university of choice for a study loan from the National Student Financial Scheme (NSFAS).

Why Investec Bursaries

We have a vested interest in developing well rounded individuals and in ensuring graduates are employable. While a bursary provides financial assistance, our programmes help with the transition from high school to tertiary and with the challenges associated with the job search.

How To Apply for Investec Bursaries

In order to apply for Investec Bursary please visit the website and submit your bursary application.

Similar bursaries for 2016 – 2017

Transnet Bursaries Available


Transnet Bursaries Available 2017

Transnet Bursaries Available

Transnet bursaries for full-time studies are awarded annually according to the employment needs of the company. All our full-time students are viewed as potential employees – depending on vacancies being available after successfully completing their qualifications.

Transnet Bursaries Value

The comprehensive bursary, covers the following:
Tuition fees
Accommodation and meals
Book Allowance
Experiential training
Students are allowed to study at a South African University of their own choice who offers the relevant fields of study.

Transnet Bursaries Selection

After the screening of applications by the Transnet Bursary Department, candidates – based on academic performance on secondary or tertiary level – will be invited to be interviewed. The interviews will take place in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Durban.
The final selection and award is subjective to the following:
Satisfactory academic results
Medical fitness
What will Transnet expect from me? (Contractual Obligations)

Students are required to render one year’s service for every year of financial aid received from Transnet after acquiring the qualification.
Subjects failed must be repeated at student’s own cost. Termination of the bursary will be in consultation with the student and the training institution.
If the student fails to comply with the requirements of the bursary agreement, the bursary becomes payable in terms of the agreement.
The bursary will be renewed annually if the student’s academic performance is satisfactory.

How To Apply for Transnet Bursaries

Leave your email address on the comments box for application forms

Absa Bursaries 2017

Absa Bursaries 2017

Absa bursaries programme is designed to make all the difference to careers of many South African youth. These bursaries provide financial support to full-time students and enable them to complete their education. Student who complete join the operations of the bank upon qualification. In recent years Absa bank has sponsored hundreds of ambitious students.

The bursary includes full tuition fees and will be paid out according to the annual bursary award and the individual’s needs. You will be assessed every year and if your performance is satisfactory, Absa will continue to sponsor you.

This bursary programme helps Absa employ top talent and it also offers financial support to fulltime students studying towards one of the following qualifications:

Absa Bursaries Available

Data science
Actuarial sciences
Risk or investment management
Business mathematics and informatics (BMI)
Engineering (industrial, financial or process).
Other relevant mathematical sciences

Absa Bursaries Application Criteria

Applicants must be studying full-time for the 2016 academic year at an accredited South African university.
Applicants must not have a criminal record.
Undergraduate students must have achieved a minimum average of 70% in the first semester for the 2017 academic year.
They should also be studying to complete a Bachelor’s degree.

Matriculants Bursary Application

Applicants must have achieved a minimum average of 80% for the June 2016 examinations.
Applicants must be registered to study full-time for the 2016 academic year at an accredited South African university.

How To Apply for Absa Bursaries

In order to apply for Absa bursaries, student need to visit the website of the company and locate the bursary under Absa careers.

Like all other banking sector bursaries, Absa bursaries take applicants through a three or four year qualifications. These qualifications involve courses take in a university or university of technology. Such universities must be within the boarders of South Africa.

R8 Million Shoprite Bursaries

Shoprite Bursaries

Shoprite bursaries help matric learners qualifying for admission to tertiary institutions and are in dire need of financial support in order to access one of the various post-school system opportunities available to them. Prospective students can look to the Shoprite Group, who still has approximately R8 million available for financial assistance from their extensive bursary programme.

Bursaries are awarded for scarce skills programmes such as Pharmacy and Chartered Accounting, along with qualifications such as Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Information Technology, Industrial Engineering, Hospitality, Retail Business Management and Marketing.

With limited space available at tertiary institutions, prospective students who achieved an average of more than 70% in matric, are urged to apply for one of the remaining bursaries by clicking here or contacting their training institution’s bursary office for assistance.

Shoprite Bursaries Value

Candidates may qualify for a bursary of up to R70 000 per annum which allows for registration fees, tuition, textbook and accommodation fees depending on the course of study and institution. Each bursary granted is linked to a work back agreement with Shoprite and in this way a bursary holder is assured of career prospects with South Africa’s largest private sector employer.

On successful completion of their studies, pharmacy students have employment opportunities within one of Shoprite’s 159 MediRite pharmacies throughout South Africa and the Group’s trainee management programme will aid retail business and hospitality management graduates in preparing them to become store managers.

Chartered Accountant (CA) field candidates can be placed within Shoprite’s South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) approved CA training programme to complete their internship as article clerks. The Logistics and Industrial Engineering graduates programme train managers for positions within one of the Group’s 20 distribution centres, whilst the IT and Marketing Trainee programmes assist graduates to gain the necessary specialised workplace experience.

The Shoprite Group recognises the enormous value of investing in opportunities for young people to obtain a qualification and acquire the necessary skills for gainful employment. A consistent employment generator, the Shoprite Group currently employs more than 136 000 people with 3134 jobs created during the last six months alone.

By providing bursaries to qualifying students, as well as educational loans and grants to its employees and their dependents, Shoprite aids and strengthens economic security and social welfare in the communities within which it trades.

The Group has already awarded 193 tertiary study bursaries to deserving candidates for the 2016 academic year. The Shoprite Group has also committed to financing more than 60 students for the National Certificate (Vocational) Wholesale and Retail qualification studying at the College of Cape Town, who will be offering this programme for the first time in 2016.

Additional facts on Shoprite’s educational assistance:

In 2015, the Shoprite Group awarded bursaries to the value of almost R18 million, enabling over 310 students to equip themselves with the skills and qualifications to become future contributors of a strengthened economy.

The Group have awarded more than 2500 bursaries over the past 20 years of its extensive bursary programme, 70% of which was allocated in the past five (5) years alone as the need for student financial support became greater.

Shoprite Simulation stores
The first Shoprite simulation store opened at Northlink College’s Parow Campus in January 2015. As an integrated solution for skills development in cooperation with the TVET Colleges, two more such simulation stores are earmarked to open at Motheo College (Bloemfontein) and Boland College (Worcester) in February 2016.

Class of 2016 school programme
Shoprite stores have been sponsoring school fees for hundreds of learners across South Africa for the past 10 years through its annual ‘Class Of’ competition. In 2016 every one of Shoprite’s 420 South African stores will again provide one learner with free education for a full year through this programme. Entrants have to write a short essay or draw a picture, depicting what they want to be when they grow up. Entry forms are available in Shoprite stores and the competition closes on Sunday, 31 January 2016, following which each Shoprite store in the country will pick one winner by way of a random draw.

Eskom Learnerships X13

Eskom Learnerships

Eskom learnerships made available in the areas of operation indicated below, to help up skill the youth that join the company on its learnerships programme.

Position : Learner Plant Operators Operating x13 (Hydro Pumped Storage) Vacancy type: External/Internal

Task Grade : TR0

Area of Speacialization : To operate plant in accordance with laid down instructions and procedures.

Department : Operating

Business Unit : Peaking

Location : South Africa (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

Reference Number : 5000195313ND

Closing Date : February 4, 2016

Eskom Learnerships Minimum Requirements

• Grade 12 / N3 with Physical Science and Mathematics
• Language included English as second language (50%)
Skills and Competencies

• Computer Literacy
• Problem Solving skills
• Planning and organising skills
• Ability to apply Maths and Science knowledge
• Technical , electrical equipment and energy conversion process understanding
• Self-motivation, analytical, cognitive thinking and good communication skills

CV’s can be dropped off at the following points:

Eskom Ingula- Ladysmith Distribution Office, Hunter Road Ladysmith
Eskom Ingula – Ingula Power Station Security Reception Area
Eskom Drakensberg – Drakensberg Power Station Reception Area
Also apply online

Eskom Learnerships Responsibilities


How To Apply

Leave your email address on the comments area

Nestle Bursaries 2016 – 2017

Nestle Bursaries 2017 – 2018

Nestle bursaries are aimed at ensuring a steady supply of skilled talent to meet Nestlé’s future talent needs and to address the skills shortage within the South African context.
The Nestle bursary programme provides for the support of South African students to study at an accredited South African tertiary institution up to an undergraduate level depending on the duration of the qualification.

Nestle Bursaries Application Requirements

• Applicant must be a South African Citizen between the ages of 17 – 25.
• Applicant is required to have a Senior Certificate with a minimum of a “C” aggregate (60 – 69%). A strong preference will be given to Mathematics, Science and Accounting.
• The applicant should be registered on a full time basis at an accredited institution of choice.
• The Bursary Programme provides for the support of South African students to study at an accredited South African tertiary institution up to an under graduate level depending on the duration of the qualification.
• The fields of study for which Bursaries are awarded will be determined by the Learning and Development Management department annually, strongly guided by critical and scarce skills identified in the business.

Bursary Renewal Process

• As a bursary recipient, the student must maintain a total average of at least 65% during the study year, and must submit results per semester when applying for renewal of the bursary for
the following year. Should the results of both semesters not meet the aggregate as required by the (NFT), application will be declined.
• It is the bursary recipient’s responsibility to ensure that he/she informs the company in writing should he/she wish to discontinue the bursary. All notifications of cancellation need to be submitted by no later than 1st September of the year of termination.
• Should a bursary recipient choose to discontinue the bursary, he/she will be required to pay back the full amount of assistance provided by Nestlé ZAR within twenty four months

Nestle Bursary Application Process

Find the application form in the Nestle Website
Applications are open from 01 August – 31 September 2015 Complete and submit application form, documents required to
Feedback will be given to you in December

Nestle Bursary Application Documents

To be considered for the bursary, all sections on the application form must be completed and accompanied by:
• The original tax invoice/ quotation, detailing the cost of the course.
• The original tax invoice/quotation from the bookshop for books.
• Proof of registration at the specified institution.
• Correct banking details for the institution on institution’s letter head.
• A copy of the students ID
• A copy of the latest academic results (If in Grade 12 the latest school report is required)
• If the applicant received a bursary for the previous year, a full transcript of the results is required
to be submitted.

Shoprite Marketing Bursaries

Shoprite Marketing Bursaries 2016 – 2017

Job Type Classification Bursary
Location – Country South Africa
Location – Province Nationwide
Location – Town / City Brackenfell / Centurion
Job advert Details

Join Africa’s largest food retailer

Shoprite marketing bursaries are for people who are looking for a lifetime career where you can grow and learn about a diverse range of inspirational brands, if you would like to be part of a unique company that offers brilliant opportunities and has a passion for its staff and customers… then come and EXPLORE the opportunities at the Shoprite Group and discover how you can be more.

Shoprite Marketing Bursaries Purpose

The Bursary aims at attracting and funding future Marketing specialists to join Shoprite’s Marketing department upon graduation. The Bursary is available for 1st, 2nd, 3rd year and Honours Students.

Qualifications Successful completion of the first semester of:
• Grade 12 with an average of 70% + or
• A Bachelors of Commerce: Marketing or related degree/qualification with an average of 60% +.