Aurecon Bursaries South Africa (2018 – 2019) Application

By | January 12, 2018

Aurecon bursaries are awarded because Aurecon is a learning organisation, it is always offering various forms of financial support to top performing students who are doing their undergraduate qualifications. Since there are being groomed to lead and provide technical services, Aurecon prefers that its beneficiaries enroll in universities within South Africa.

Aurecon Bursary Period

Aurecon bursaries are offered on annual basis but can be renewed by submitting academic record o the year you were holding their bursary.

Who is suitable to apply for Aurecon bursary opportunity in South Africa?

The Aurecon Learnership Programme caters for students taking the National Diploma and Baccalareus Technologiae at selected tertiary institutions.  This programme includes both academic and experiential training and it is registered with the Construction Education and Training Authority.

How much is the bursary amount Aurecon makes available? As per statement above, this will be for each year leading to completion of your studies

The bursary is to the tune of R60 000 per year which is not bad at all.

How To Apply?

Please direct your inquiries to the address below:

Name: Fredah Nkuna
Tel:012 427 2186
Fax: 086 605 3107

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