Accounting Bursaries

Accounting bursaries are commonly offered by many companies running business in South Africa. Like all others, accounting bursaries are awarded to students on annual basis. Renewal is done upon request which is done by submitting academic results.

The principle of awarding accounting bursaries is mainly to attract talent to companies. This helps improve their service offering as new skills are alway on demand.

Accounting Bursaries Sub-categories

There are about five sub-categories under which accounting bursaries fall. This is because they are allocated according to career options that are offered in various universities in South Africa.

These are as follows:


Auditors are charged with the responsibility to make sure that all spending in the company is done in accordance with the law of South Africa. They must check that all transactions comply and that there is accountability. They also must verify movement of monies within the company and deal with tax related matters to make sure that companies are compliant. In cases where there are deviations or monies not accounted for, chartered accountants must report these accordingly

Afred Nzo District Municipality Bursary

Bushbuck Ridge Local Municipality Bursary

City of Cape Town Bursary

FNB Bursary

Shoprite Bursary


The job of a chartered accounted is demanding and carries too much responsibility but it is very exciting. Chartered accountants fall within a category of highly paid people across the world. This is simply because of broad scope of their job. They deal with auditing, taxation, forensic audits, loss recovery, financial reporting and more


Financial records must be kept in a certain way and reporting must also be within the scope of the law. Financial accounts must make sure that each transaction is accountable for and someone is held responsible for it. This makes it easy to account in case monies go missing. All gathered records are very useful in the production of companies financial reports.

Bushbuck Ridge Local Municipality Bursary

Safcol Bursary


Management of company’s financial resources is very important so that all projects can be carried out successfully.


Overall all accounting processes are of vital importance in any business and someone must oversee that.


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