A Publication of a list of bursaries for 2018 that are offered for 2018. We strive to have all information readily posted so that you can download forms and apply easily

Bursaries 2018 South Africa  list consists of all financial assistance that are open for application for year 2018 – 2019. All opportunities published here may contain a closing date. Students must make sure that, where applicable, bursary application forms are completed and sent back on time.

What Are Important Consideration You Need To Bear In Mind?

Bursaries 2018 Categories make it easier for students to navigate the website until they find what matches your financial requirements

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Eskom SA Bursaries 2018

These are offered by Eskom which is the largest electricity supplier in South Africa. Eskom makes financial support available for students who want to further their studies in institutions of higher learning with the boarders of SA.

MTN Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

MTN bursaries 2018 are offered to talented candidates who intend pursuing a career in electrical engineering studies and commercial field as well. Opportunities are offered under MTN graduates development programme.

MTN is always on the look for deserving applicants and students who can use this opportunity to change their lives

Hulett Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

These are given as part of the company’s multiple career opportunities exist within Tongaat Hulett. Opportunities are available across the various operating companies with operations in South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Hulett Bursaries Available Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Chemical

Aurecon Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

Aurecon aims to collaborate with clients and project partners that share its ambitious vision to create vibrant and sustainable solutions for our global community. Aurecon is looking for students who are in need of bursaries to further their studies.

BBD Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

BBD SA bursaries 2018 is committed to providing opportunities for students and professionals looking to make a difference and work on exciting projects that vary. The bursaries projects that we design and implement have a tangible effect on people from all walks of life, and so we ask for nothing less but total dedication, absolute professionalism and unbridled enthusiasm.

Before you apply for any bursary you need to make sure that you clearly understand these important things:

What Is A Bursary?

How To Submit Application Forms?

Documentation Needed To Apply

Closing Date To Submit Your Application

Minimum Requirements by The Bursar

Online Application Forms For 2018

We also included a list of scholarships on our publications as a result of demand from our readers

Russian Government Scholarships

These scholarships are for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Preference is given to postgraduate applications. The Russian Government scholarships are making available scholarships for South African students to study at Russian institutions from the academic year 2018

IFA Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

IFA bursary are offered as part of a commitment to give academically deserving learners the opportunity to lead a successful career in their chosen profession. IFA is proud to have invested over R8 million since 2009 in the IFA Bursary Scheme and given over 80 learners the opportunity to study at in institutions of higher learning in SA.

Auditor General Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

Auditor General opportunities are renewed on yearly basis after the submission of satisfactory results. The office of the Auditor General of South Africa offers bursaries on annual basis to students who are deserving but are financially challenged.

Investec Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

Investec contributes a partial bursary of R80 000 per year towards study-related expenses. To cover any shortfall, applicants are advised to apply for additional funding through the Financial Aid Office of their university of choice for a study loan from the National Student Financial Scheme (NSFAS).

Transnet SA Bursaries

These are for full-time studies are awarded annually according to the employment needs of the company. All our full-time students are viewed as potential employees – depending on vacancies being available after successfully completing their qualifications.

Absa Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

Absa bursary programme could make all the difference to your future success. It provides financial support to full-time students enabling them to complete their education and, potentially, pursue a career with us upon qualifying. In recent years, we have sponsored hundreds of ambitious students. You could be next.

R8 Million Shoprite Bursaries

Shoprite SA bursaries 2018 helps matric learners qualifying for admission to tertiary institutions and are in dire need of financial support in order to access one of the various post-school system opportunities available to them. Successful students join the operations of the company after having completed their sa bursaries 2018 studies

Nestle SA opportunities are packaged such that they ensure a steady supply of skilled talent to meet Nestlé’s future talent requirements  and to attend to the skills shortage within the South African context.
The Nestle SA bursaries 2018 provides for the support of South African students to study at an accredited South African tertiary institution up to an undergraduate level depending on the duration of the qualification.

Shoprite Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

These opportunities  are for students who are looking for a lifetime career where you can grow and learn about a diverse range of inspirational brands. If you believe that you should be part  of a unique company that offers brilliant opportunities and has a passion for its staff and customers

Bursaries 2018 – Online Application process for South African bursaries. Downloadable application forms make it very easy to provide information to your bursar.

You can now apply for bursaries 2018 by means of filling an online form and submit to the company. Online bursary applications might be stage 1 since the bursar might still require that you submit an application physically. The reason for that is that your results and identity documents might not be easily submitted online.

BP Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

BP SA bursaries 2018 offers a graduate programme designed to give graduates exposure to multiple disciplines. During the course graduates are rotated in order to build build a breadth of knowledge, enjoy hands-on experience. They develop strong technical skills and network throughout the business. Each assignment is designed to stretch and set students up for future success at BP.

Mercedes Benz SA Bursaries Programme

Mercedes Benz SA bursaries for 2018  ensure that your career starts with one of the world’s most successful automotive companies in the world. The Programme aims to harness outstanding achievers at Grade 12 and Tertiary levels into our fold of growing Talent, by offering the participant financial aid for studies as well as experiential learning.

Rustenburg Municipality Bursaries

Bursaries 2018 preference will be given to previously disadvantaged and students with disability in the Rustenburg Local Municipal area. SA bursaries 2018  applicants must have/who would have completed Grade 12 and have secured provisional admission at any recognised South African tertiary institution. Preference will be given to learners who have obtained highest academic excellence.

David Morrison SA

Recognizes that there is a variety of fields made available yearly to talented candidates. However, most of their main bursaries will be within the health science and health care fields. Bursaries made available by this fund will be for financial aid and candidates are selected according to academic results and financial need.

Municipality Opportunities

The estimated costs per subject for the relevant ac ademic year as provided by the academic institution together with the institution’s requirements for the combinations of subjects to obtain the qualification.

BestMed South Africa Bursary Programme 2018

Bestmed bursaries are provided are all for the courses that fall within the nursing field of study. The courses to be chosen include candidates studying towards a postgraduate diploma in public health, a diploma in general Nursing, honors BA or BA in nursing science.

Bestmed SA bursaries 2018 are made available on yearly basis but can be renewed every year and awarded centered on the amount of applications. Bursaries usually cover all tuition fees and includes the candidates required study material or books.

Department of Social Development Bursaries

Bursary applicants for social development bursaries must comply with the entry requirements set by the University and provide proof of admission by the University or a proof of payment for admission.
The application form which is obtainable from the Social Work faculty at the University or from the Provincial Departments of Social Development.

Bodene Bursaries for 2018 – South Africa

These bursaries are for students who have passed first year and been accepted for second year,National Diploma in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering: students who have passed and completed semesters 1 and 2.

Armscor Bursaries for 2018 – South Africa

Applicants must have passed Grade 9 with mathematics and science and/or AET level 4. A national vocational certificate would be an advantage. Please clearly indicate choice of trade discipline and the applicable reference number in the subject heading.

Auditor Bursaries for 2018 – South Africa

Students who their studies through this bursary are required to serve articles by entering into a training contract with the organisation on completion of their studies as per the bursary contract.

SKA Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

Matriculants who have achieved a minimum C in mathematics and science in Grade 12, or a minimum 60% for major subjects at undergraduate level. Students who intend to pursue postgraduate research in radio astronomy, or in an engineering discipline relevant to radio astronomy.

Fidelity Fund Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

The minimum requirement for qualification for these bursaries is a BA (Law), B Comm (Law), B Iuris or B Proc degree or a similar qualification or proof of successful completion of the first two years of the revised 4-year LLB curriculum. Applicants currently in your 1st semester of your second year, we can assist with a bursary for your 3rd and 4th year of study.

City of Johannesburg Bursaries for 2018 – South Africa

The City of Johannesburg is offering financial assistance to student who intend to further their education in university or university of technology within the boarders of South Africa.

JSE Bursaries for 2018 – South Africa

You need to be a citizen in South Africa and also be enrolled towards a degree in any of the following: Accounting, Commerce, Computer Science, Economic Sciences, Financial Sciences, Information Technology, or Mathematical Science; and

Mintek Bursaries 2018 – South Africa

Once students have finished their studies students work for Mintek on a year to year basis and also partake in a rigorous training course to strengthen what they have learned and give them a perfect career. They will help you to become an exceptional scientist and you will be privileged enough to work side by side with some of the world’s top researchers.

Bursary Application Forms 2018 & 2019

Student must be advised that all SA bursaries published on this website have application requirements. We always encourage students to read through these requirements before submitting their application. This applies for both bursary application processes. SA companies offering student financial aid are often very strict about the dates. We are not responsible for online application declined for any reason.

If you have interest in 2018 bursary application forms PDF you need to pick those opportunities that fall within your field of study. It is always recommended that you have proof that you have been accepted at any institution of higher learning in the country. Bursaries 2018 applicants need to make sure that their previous year’s result are attached to the application.

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